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Wow! I just accidentally discovered your fantastic Surface Savers at a Home Depot this month while waiting for my husband to make a purchase. You are an answer to my prayers. For years I have rotated the clay flower pots on my deck and patio from place to place trying to avoid the dreaded black rings that formed on the wood and concrete surfaces under the trays. (The pots aren’t big enough to warrant anything on wheels and stands aren’t the décor I am looking for.) As we had just replaced our decking, you can imagine my delight when I found your product. I bought a couple to try out and immediately decided I needed more! However, my local Home Depot did not carry them. I was more than willing to drive the 20+ miles back to the Home Depot where I made my first purchase, taking a friend along with me who had seen mine and wanted her own. We also discovered they come in two sizes! Even better! And the clay coloring makes them almost invisible under my trays, not to mention that they are made from recycled material and made in the USA. (I’m thinking of buying more for under my house plants that sit on carpeted and hardwood floors.) Way to go In Green Company! You are going to get a lot of free advertising from me as I sing your praises to everyone I know.
— L. S.
Thanks for offering such an excellent product. The rings are so effective and look discreet under my pots … especially when the pot’s diameter (at the base) equals the size of the ring. Your attention goes to the pot and not what’s under it. Also, no more stains on my deck thanks to these rings. Many thanks
— G. M.

My SurfaceSaver Rings & FEET came at the perfect time. After weeks of humidity and rain the deck underneath my plants had began to mildew. One week with the SurfaceSaver Rings and it had dried out.

— Sue B.
If you really care about your deck surface or patio appearance these pot rings are a necessity. They also help keep away mold and are easily cleaned under.

— Paul O.

It’s an excellent idea …….I especially like the fact that they are made from recycled materials and made in the USA.
— Patricia O.
What a wonderful product. Easy to use and does what it promises.
— Kim W
SurfaceSavers have saved stains & water damage to my porches and decks. I recommend these to everyone.
— Cheryl S.
Simple to use, looks great and cleans up very easily – I love it!
— Penny K.
What a unique concept. I liked the idea that my pots did not have to sit on my deck anymore and the rings were almost invisible.
— Marilyn K.
I love these Rings – we just built a new cedar porch and wanted to protect it as much as possible. These are great.
— Kim S.
I like how this product helps keep the concrete under my planters dry. The patio looks nicer without the water stains and bugs are less likely to congregate around my containers.
— Leslie M.
I really like the low profile – does its job without being real noticeable.
— Ruth V.
Sturdy and durable – prevented water spots under my planters.
— Linda E.

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